Deltagere og alumner i Next Step Challenge har øget omsætningen med gennemsnitlig 25% de første to år efter programmet.

Too busy to think about strategy? 

Then you risk missing business opportunities right in front of you. All companies – no matter the size or the industry – will benefit from a review of the business strategy.

See some of our references below – ambitious high-growth companies, whereof most of them claimed to be too busy to enter the Next Step Challenge Program – however, after the program they say it has made a significant difference and that they are enthusiastic about their future journey.

Proritizing time and ressources to develop, implement and upholding your strategy is important no matter if you have 50 employees or 2. And having your business plans validated by an advisory board of experienced business professionals will indefinable be visible on your bottom line.

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Increased turnover after the program


Increased export after the program


Increased job creation

Participating companies of October 2019

Energy Efficient Technologies 2019

Offshore Industry 2019

Experience Economy & Tourism 2019

Energy Efficient Technologies 2018

Offshore Industry 2018

Experience Economy & Tourism 2018

Energy Efficient Technologies 2017

Offshore Industry 2017

Smart Energy & Digitalization