Next Step Challenge finale i Musikhuset Esbjerg 2019

Take your business to the next step?

  • Get advice and guidance from your individual advisory board of experts.
  • Create a strong foundation for future growth.
  • optimize your workflow and increase your earnings.
  • Get a 360° customized business development program, which builds competence and drive.
  • Get access to network and relations at chief executive level in your industry.
  • Get sparring concerning issues and tough decisions – Building confidence and decisiveness.

A systematic and structured approach, which secures a higher implementation success.

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Scale-Up Denmark powered by Next Step Challenge finale 2018

Do you have ambitions?

Are you willing to invest what it takes to create change?
Be considered for a business development program focusing on your goals.

Next Step Challenge is a part of the Scale-Up Denmark initiative, where the goal is to establish an elite of high-growth companies in Denmark.

Explore your company from a helicopter perspective in collaboration with industry experts and business professionals who share their experiences and support your strategies.

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Next program starts January 2020.


What the 2019 finalists gained from the program

Next Step Challenge in numbers


Increased turnover after the program


Increased export after the program


Increased job creation

The basic elements in the program (in Danish)