Forretningskompetence i praksis

Structure is the key

This program is for all small and medium sized businesses with ambitions to scale and develop successful and profitable business growth.

Benefit from workshops,  individual sessions with your business expert and meetings with your customized advisory board to identify your business pains, market barriers and potentials for growth.

Focus areas during the program:

  • Value Creation
  • Go to Market
  • Operating Model
  • Business Model & Growth
  • A Great Presentation
Gain new competences for your business
Jens Hørup
Per Mose
Innovativ erhvervsfremme bygger på samarbejde

Need new eyes on your business?

Have a 360° customized business development program with a mix of workshops and advisory board meetings, with business experts from your industry. Working with business experts and having new eyes on the business, makes you gain more confidence when making difficult decisions and increases your networking opportunities.

Work with your strategies in a more systematic approach and have it verified by a group of experienced industry leaders who will help you take your business to the next level.

Get ready for the next level
Energy Technologies energyproduction, energy efficient technologies, energy storage, onshore, offshore etc.
Digital Technologies data, artificial intelligence, automation etc.
Experience Economy & Torurism gaming, movies, media, design, fashion, sustainable tourism etc.

Set the right direction

Experienced partners and experts 

More than 100 companies have participated in a Next Step Challenge business development program. We have collected all the best learnings from both the participating ambitious companies and from the surrounding eco-system of partners and experts. Have access to a knowledgebase of business development experts and expand your professional network within Energy Technologies, Digital Technologies and Experience Economy & Tourism – along with all the connecting industries like robotics, marine etc.

Have a new perspective on your business and gain sparring to make the tough decisions in your organisation – from a circle of business professionals, experienced in taking a business to a new level. There will always be an advisor with skills to support your dreams and ambitions for your company.

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Certified Experience Economy Expert

Experience Economy is for all industries where customers actually are willing to pay more for a product or a service, if it is connected to a memorable experience.

Now you have the opportunity to work with a Joe Pine Certified Experience Economy Expert to have special insight into how your company can rise above your competitors.

Søren Røn er certificeret Experience Economy Expert af Joe Pine Ohio

Expert validation of your business strategy More than 80 experts and experienced industry leaders share their experiences within the individual Next Step Challenge advisory boards.
Develop your business by verified advices No matter your business' pains and dreams, there is always an ecosystem of advisors and experts from your industry's corporate businesses and cluster organisations - ready to share their experiences with you.
Corporate business experts to challenge you Have a new perspective on your business from a group of experienced corporate partners who has already been in your shoes.
Corporate partners og eksperter til din forretningsudvikling i Next Step Challenge