During the program your Project Manager will guide you through;

  • six workshops in plenary with other participating companies
  • six 1:1 meetings with your dedicated business developer
  • four meetings with your customized advisory board that consists of relevant top managers – highly skilled within your focus areas.

Combined with your in-between work with the learnings that gives you a 360° review of your business and relevant tools to handle the further success.

You will work towards a final five-year strategy plan, validated by the top advisers from your customized board.

Next Step Challenge and its sponsors do not take any equity or shares in your business at any point during the program.

For your company to realize your growth potential, and becoming more successful, we focus on 5 essential elements;

  • Value Creation
  • Go to Market
  • Operating Model
  • Business Model & Growth
  • A Great Presentation

These are the essential elements and will combine workshops and advisory boards to create a systematic validation and a customized roadmap for future growth.

Contact us or fill in the form on behalf of your company. Afterwards we will contact you with more information, before we analyze, interview and select all applicating companies, according to growth potentials.

Participating companies are selected by a panel of experienced serial entrepreneurs, industry experts and program organizers based on the product, the team, and the potentials to scale.

Besides high ambitions, your company must have

  • at least 2 full-time employees and max. 250 employees.
  • Your annual turnover must not exceed 50 million EUR or a yearly balance that doesn’t exceed 43 million EUR.
  • Applicants should have a vast growth potential and proof-of-business in the market.

We welcome companies from all countries if the requirements to participate are met.

International companies must relocate min. 2 key persons to Denmark for 4-6 months. Office space will be provided, though travel expenses and housing are not included.

Participants from outside the EU must be able to obtain all necessary permits and travel documents.

We give you more than 180 hours of support and we expect you to be on location at our camps and meetings.

Meetings will primarly take place in Esbjerg, Aarhus or Odense, but is at best adapted to your danish premises. We will also visit your Danish company location.
In between you can work with your new learning in your company.

We recommend that 1-3 persons from management level and/or business development departments participate throughout the program. It will be intense for a period, however it will pay off afterwards, as structure and focus will free time for new opportunities.

Years of experience illustrates that our iterateive method is the most efficient tool to create growth and jobs in SME’s.

By having a competent advisory board, the participating companies can transform the workshop learnings into relevant learnings for their business and build the strategies around it.

After a systematic 360° review of the company, it all ends in the 5-year strategy plan – validated by qualified experts, cluster organizations and science institutions within the industry.

Cooperation and a systematic approach is what we believe is the key to success.

Next Step Challenge

  • 118 participating companies
  • 7 years of experience
  • 3254 screened high-growth companies
  • 80+ experts in the ecosystem!

Scale-Up Denmark realised after the first two years

  • 25% additional turnover pr. participating company.
  • 32% additional export pr. participating company.
  • 16% extra jobs pr. participating company.


An advisory board consists of a combination of business experts, your dedicated business developer and program manager along with your corporate partners, represented by key persons from leading Danish enterprises within your industry.

The advisory board assists your company during the program in a wide variety of fields, with a focus on making your company succeed both in sales, strategy, communications, leadership and team development – or any topic relevant for your company.

We do our best to create an advisory board, customized for the specific focus and challenges in your company and industry. It can be; understanding new markets, scaling production sites, marketing of new products etc. A network that benefits your company for years to come.

In the advisory board meetings we focus 100% on your company and the feedback will be straight from the shoulder. This is an opportunity to discuss the difficult topics with skilled people that are not directly involved in your company.

With your knowledge and experience you know the importance of sharing in order to receive and reach the full growth potential. That is what we give the participating scaleups.

  • Be part of our advisory boards, gain access to new knowledge & expand your own network.
  • Get in the helicopter & put a new perspective on the journey towards growth & success for our participants.
  • Ensure that you are in sync with the innovative solutions for your industry.
  • The opportunity to create new partnerships & collaborations for the future.
  • Give your key employees the opportunity to develop & share their experience.
  • Put your signature on the growth we aim to create.

We believe in "the Next Step of doing business"

En stærk metode for vækst og udvikling i virksomheden.
This program accelerates your business by adding ideal growth conditions via a 360° review to boost both bottom line, market share and future market opportunities.
Each participating company benefit from a professional Advisory Board consisting of the true experts in each industry.

Introduce your business to new markets and new investment relations in the valuable ecosystem between progressive entrepreneurs and the established giants in the Danish business community, mentors, experts and the innovative team behind the program.

Scale Up - Innovate - Grow

Kasper Steffensen