In a Next Step Challenge program we offer a 360° review of your company and relevant tools to handle future growth.

During the program you will receive sparring and competence development, which among other includes:

  • five workshops in plenary with other participating companies
  • Continuous 1:1 sparring with your dedicated business developer
  • four meetings with your customized advisory board.

We ensure the connection throughout the program as well as making sure everything runs smoothly.

Throughout the process, we work purposefully to prepare a strategy plan that is continuously validated by your advisory board.

Please note that Next Step Challenge(including all partners) do not take any equity or shares in your business at any point during or after the program.

For your company to realize your growth potential, and becoming more successful, the business development program is combined of 5 essential elements;

  • Value Creation
  • Go to Market
  • Operating Model
  • Business Model & Growth
  • A Great Presentation

These are the core of your strategy for growth and will be the connection between both workshops and sparring sessions. Through this, your growth potential is systematically validated and ensures your future succes.

Contact us us for a non-binding dialoque and hear more about how we can create value for your company.

The most important thing for us is that you are ambitious with your company and you are willing to listen to experiences and be able to reflect on whether you will be able to use these experiences to increase your growth.

We recommend that 1-3 people from your management and / or business developer participate in the process. It will be an intensive period, which will quickly prove profitable in relation to both the bottom line and the extra time that structure and changes will often release.

Meetings will primarly take place in Esbjerg, Aarhus or Odense, but is at best adapted to your danish premises. All meetings are adapted to a schedule for both you and your Advisory Board participants.

Years of experience illustrates that our iterateive method is the most efficient tool to create development and growth.

After a systematic 360° review of the company, it all ends in a strategy plan – validated by qualified experts, cluster organizations and science institutions within the industry – depending on your needs.

By having a competent advisory board, you can transform the workshop learnings into relevant learnings for your business and build the strategies around it.

Cooperation and a systematic approach is what we believe is the key to success.

Next Step Challenge

  • 118 participating companies
  • 7 years of experience
  • 90+ experts in the ecosystem!

Through the growth initiative Scale-Up Denmark the results for the participating companies has after 2 years been:

  • 25% additional turnover in average pr. participating company.
  • 32% additional export in average pr. participating company.
  • 16% extra jobs in average pr. participating company.


An advisory board is a group of experts who helps you review specific issues in the company.

In the Next Step Challenge program your company will be assigned a specially composed advisory board, consisting of experts and top managers who all have experiences within exactly the areas needed in your company.

Your advisory board will follow you through the program and will challenge you on the decisions in your company, within e.g. sales, strategy, marketing, management and organization or approaching new markets.

Most importanly, it is an independent board, that is solely interested in sharing experiences, which can lead to your succes.

The Board has 100% focus on your company and the topics relevant to you. The sparring and feedback will be straight from the shoulder to challenge the strategies in your company. It is an opportunity to discuss the hard descisions in the business with a group of experienced managers, who have already taken a company from one level to another, and who are not coloured by already being involved in your company.

You can either be part of the ecosystem around growth companies as a representative for a corporate business or as a stand-alone industry expert with experience at top management level.

As a professionel partner in Next Step Challenge, your compentencies are matched with innovative companies seeking sparring from experienced industry experts.  Your knowledge is included as a core element of the program, where you get a significant role in the continued succes for growth companies.

What it takes?:

  • Do you have experience on top management level and know how to take a company to the next level?
  • Can you see the pitfalls of companies that grows strongly in a short time?
  • Do you want to share your experiences and put your signature on the business development of small and medium-sized companies in growth?

Read more about other corporate experts and your opportunities here

We believe in "the Next Step of doing business"

This program accelerates your business by adding ideal growth conditions via a 360° review to boost both bottom line, market share and future market opportunities.
Each participating company benefit from a professional Advisory Board consisting of the true experts in each industry.

Introduce your business to new markets and new investment relations in the valuable ecosystem between progressive entrepreneurs and the established giants in the Danish business community, mentors, experts and the innovative team behind the program.

Scale Up - Innovate - Grow

Kasper Steffensen