How do you access the latest trends?

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Innovative collaboration

Join Next Step Challenge as a partner and be part of an ecosystem around ambitious high-growth companies and through this gain new knowledge on innovative trends in your industry.

During the program you gain insight on new and agile business tools and expand your knowledge on digital technologies.

Furthermore you expand your business network with the ambitious participants and with the ecosystem of corporate experts – together you influence the future developments and focus areas within your industry.

As a bonus, you can give your key employees the opportunity to develop and share their experience by joining our workshops and events for further talent development.

It is a win-win for innovation on both sides of the table.

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Share your knowledge

As a partner in Next Step Challenge, we match your competences with innovative participants on the search for advice from experienced business professionals. Have influence on the development of innovative ideas by sharing your experiences, contributing to a strategy that makes the participating companies reach their full growth potential.

Sharing your knowledge is a key element in the program and your role is the corner content for the further succes for these ambitious companies.

Are you experienced in top-management level and can you take a business from one step to the next? Then become part of the ecosystem surrounding ambitious high-growth entrepreneurs – you can access either as a representative from a corporate organisation or as a private industry and business expert.

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Why our partners are onboard

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