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Make the Sustainable Developtment Goals your own

Take the next step in sustainability. 

Do you know how your company can be strengthened with sustainable development?

We offer a strategic work with sustanability, providing the opportunity to:

  • Create lasting solutions, staying true to your business foundation
  • Strengthen your business profile
  • Achieve a higher level of competitiveness

The core of the Next Step Challenge business is, that no companies’ growth journey is the same. Because of this, we design our program based on your company, vision, mission and challenges.


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Business value Initiatives must create business value because a financial incentive is important to create lasting change.
Sustainability contribution Initiatives must contribute to the world goals in addition to what you are already contributing today, and there must be a significant positive effect.
Innovativ erhvervsfremme bygger på samarbejde

Where does sustainability begin?

Through a systematic approach, we work with in which areas of your business the work with sustainability and circular economy will create the highest value, so that it is both developing and at the same time profitable for the business.

Sustainability can be implemented in many areas of the business. Then important foundation is, how sustanability can strenghten your business and prepare it for the future.

Our evidence-based methodology is based on condition measurement, development & testing and implementation & delivery.