TEGnology is thermo electric substitutes for batteries

If you want to recover waste heat in a way that makes perfect sense, then look no further. Next Step Challenge finalist TEGnology delivers a simple solution converting heat into electricity.

How to market new tegnologies? TEGnology got expert advice in Next Step Challenge

Meet one of our great finalists in the 2018 edition under Energy Efficient Technologies. TEGnology is in short terms – a thermo electric substitute for batteries in sensors.

Behind TEGnology is CEO & Founder Flemming Bjørn Hansen and Developer Hao Yin. We had a talk with the team on entering the Next Step Challenge program, what they gain and a sneak peak of their technology.

The increasing use of batteries
Finding a better power source than the ones we already know is the starting point for TEGnology.


We see an explosive growth in the use of wireless sensors in the IoT, but these sensors rely on batteries for power. Because batteries are expensive, pollute the environment and require replacement, we believe there is a better way to do this by substituting the battery with a power source that never depletes and never needs replacing. Says Flemming Bjørn Hansen, Founder & CEO of TEGnology.

The pains and gains
Entering into the program each of our finalists has their focus on pains or challenges in their company, and working hard on creating the right business plan is key when the advisory board is called to action. Flemming Bjørn Hansen explains.
Even with a great deal of experience myself, I find the meetings with the advisory board extremely giving. We entered the competition with a specific aim, and we keep working very determined towards that. But not only does the advisory board add value to the process. We also gain an expanded network.

TEGnology’s advisory board:

Njal Petit – Senior Director/Head of Business Innovation – Danfoss
Peter Elvekjær -Technical Consultant – Grundfos
Lars Bo Jensen – VP Strategi og forretningsudvikling – SE/Stofa
Kristian Svarrer – CEO and shareholder – J. Lauritzen’s Eftf. & Jutlandia Terminal

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What lies behind TEGnology

How to market new tegnologies? TEGnology got expert advice in Next Step Challenge


Each year, globally, we throw away 50 to 70% of all the energy produced, in the form of waste heat. It comes from engines, power generation and CHP plants, heavy industry, steel, cement works etc.
Waste heat costs money!

Technologies exist today to recover waste heat, the problem is that in most cases they are simply too complex and/or costly to operate.


TEGnology’s enabling Energy Harvesting Solution:
• Converting heat into electricity
• No moving parts
• High volumn
• Long lifetime
• TEGnology is based in Hedensted, DK

TEGnology’s waste heat recovery has a huge potential in markets such as:
• The Automotive Industry
• The Maritime Industry
• The Bio-fuel Industry
• The Combined Heat & Power Industry
• The Sensor Industry

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