Admetsys secures CE mark

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Admetsys Secures CE Mark for PrecisionOne

Innovation takes time. When investing ressources in business development it might be frustrating if the positive outcome is not visible straight away. But turning the stones in your business takes time – they also have to be put back in place.

The company Admetsys has also experienced how development can take time. They were one of the first companies we had the pleasure of working with. Now they can proudly announce, that they in 2020 have secured the CE Mark for their PrecisionOne system.

The company from Boston, USA especially came to Denmark due to the possibilities to establish connections with relevant business partners, which resulted in a collaboration with Odense University Hospital in relation to testing the system.

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We ask ourselves how we can open up our network in the region, e.g. in the field of health and welfare technology, and with the help of our experts qualify the companies’ products. we ourselves also hope to learn something from these people, who are not established in a large company, but bring ideas from outside and question things, “Lisbeth Valther says.

Who is Admetsys?

Admetsys is a medical technology company and have developed the first full-automatic system that provides automatic glucose regulation. The PrecisionOne system has now recieved the CE-Mark approval. The system regulates glucose and has real-time analysis of the blood values in critical care patients.

A majority of these critical patients can experience metabolic instability due to their acute state, which can lead to higher mortality and longer hospital stay. The system is therefore capable to provide benefits for both patients and hospitals.

Admetsys states:

“High-precision automation is crucial to improving care safety, quality, scalability, and economics,” said Jeff Valk, CEO of Admetsys. “During COVID, we’ve seen excess demand for ICU care cause a society-wide shutdown; we’ve seen tragically high patient mortality when glucose isn’t well controlled; and we’ve seen front-line clinicians continually placed at risk. Critical care automation, and glucose control in particular, have never been more important. We’re thrilled to be able to make a positive impact on the lives and health of so many people.”

With the CE Mark Admetsys is able to market PrecisionOne in 32 European countries and other countries with similar processes.

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