Blockchain company wins in Offshore

BLOC named ‘most scaleable offshore company’ in Next Step Challenge awards for marine fuels tracking solution

The Danish company BLOC has won the Next Step Challenge trophy for being the most scalable company within the Scale-Up Denmark center for Offshore Industry.
A selection board of five business leaders selected the winner from the eight participating scale up companies, who had been selected amongst more than 1000 companies to participate in the Next Step Challenge business development program.

Having participated in an intensive business development program with industry insiders, the team behind BLOC has gained valuable advice and insight on growing and proving the efficacy of its solution for tracing marine fuels: “Our BunkerTrace technology has now been validated through both the selection board from the finale, and more importantly by the advisory board that followed us through the program. Having insiders from the oil industry sharing knowledge and validating our business means a lot to us,” explains Deanna MacDonald, Co-founder and CEO of BLOC.

The advisory board congratulated BLOC on the achievement: “BLOC is a very interesting company, as they have both identified an issue in the industry and created an innovative and technological solution to it. BLOC has a unique product (BunkerTrace) that we see as a technological ‘game changer’ to facilitate more efficient cooperation and more trust within a complex and global bunker industry. I am looking forward to experiencing the further developments from BLOC – congratulations!” explains Rasmus Rozentals, Head of Logistics & Support to Operations in Total.

BLOC’s BunkerTrace solution is a blockchain-based inclusive support system that enhances marine fuel traceability and provides a clear chain of custody for better quality assurance in the bunker fuel supply chain.

With a special focus on UN Sustainable Development Goal #12 ‘responsible production and consumption’ BLOC supports businesses in meeting compliance and legislations for sustainable handling and consumption of bunker oils, encouraging further collaboration throughout the supply chain, and creating more transparency and trust. The solution allows charterers, ship owners, operators, fuel suppliers and crew to trace the provenance of fuel, both ensuring that it is safe, compliant with the upcoming 2020 sulphur cap, and enabling better tracking and validation of  emissions.

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Hvad er abrrererne i offshorebranchen? Gør som BLOC. BLOC vinder NExt Step Challenge Scale-Up Denmark Offshore Industri 2019

Finalist for Scale-Up Denmark National Finale 2019

Meet BLOC on stage at the Scale-Up Denmark National Finale event on 11 September in Musikhuset Esbjerg, where all 12 Danish stronghold industries are represented by an elite scale up company will compete to be the most scalable company in Denmark 2019.

“Validating our business means a lot to us,” says Deanna MacDonald, Co-founder and CEO of BLOC.

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