8 finalists ready for Offshore Industry 2018

Hvad efterspørger offshore branchen? Få sparring direkte fra branchen i Next Step Challenge

Let our 8 finalists take you offshore!

Last but absolutely not least we would love to present our participants in Offshore Industry for the 2018 batch.

We have a wide variety of companies represented in offshore, and we can’t wait to open the program on February 5th for all of them.

In the 2018 batch, we have 7 Danish companies and one flying in from Poland.

All of them represent a new take on the offshore industry, and their journey towards scale starts right around the corner.

Among the 8 finalists we have the offshore industries answer to Google Streetview, AR/AI copying everything we see into realsize holograms, 3D lazercutting in metal and well the rest you can read about right here

Keep track on all of our 2018 participants right here and follow us: LinkedIn, Facebook.

We will be giving you more detailed insight on the 8 from offshore, and also the participants in Energy Efficient Technologies and Experience Economy & Tourism.

Check out the companies below.