Digtalizing recruitment processes

Work in Wind og Safe Marine Service er Jannick Skyttes virksomheder der deltager i NExt Step Challenge

Data intelligence optimizes manpower handling

When projects in the wind turbine industry are delayed, postponed or prolonged, the number of workers needed are variable and the up- or down manning can be a struggle for both the workers and the companies. The workers might get 3 months in between jobs and the enterprises risk to miss the trained workers in the 3-month cap.

In the wind industry it too can be difficult to allocate and supply manpower, without the involvement of costly recruitment agencies, because projects often are limited in respect to time, and the workforce must be specialized and have the right certificates for the job and site.

Now the new freelance portal ‘Work in Wind’ provides intelligent digital contact between Wind Turbine Technicians and service enterprises, with the objective of simplifying and optimizing the processes of recruiting and being recruited in the wind industry.

“The idea for Work in Wind came to me when I was working as a wind turbine technician myself. I saw how service enterprises abruptly were in urgent need of workforce for shorter or longer periods.
Simultaneously, I saw how technicians were affected by reduction periods, where there suddenly is no work for them in the company.
At Work in Wind, we want to fix the gap, so that technicians avoid periods without work, and service enterprises find the best-suited technicians for specific tasks,” explains Jannick Skytte, Founder of Safe Marine Service and Work in Wind.




The Work in Wind project is participating in the Next Step Challenge business development program within the Scale-Up Denmark center for Offshore Industry, where leading enterprises in the industry have set the wishes for new technologies to support either safety or cost savings.

“We participate in the Next Step Challenge program to have professional advice from leading business experts and managers from the offshore industry, on how to market and scale the Work in Wind platform in the best possible way. It is all the way around the company, from value chain and go-to-market strategies to team and operating model,” explains Jannick Skytte.
The Work in Wind portal is still under development for the detailed algorithms, however the function of signing up and matching the technician and the enterprise is already in use – both for freelance jobs and for recruitment.

”The future innovation is data driven. Worldwide there is a constant demand for more energy, and in Denmark we can release that potential by adding a strong innovation culture – e.g. through optimized use of all the data, generated within the industry – like in the Work in Wind portal, that digitalizes the recruitment processes within the energy industry. The data intelligence in the Work in Wind portal is more than a cost reduction – it also makes better and more qualified matches of the right workforce for the right jobs,” says Glenda Napier, CEO in Energy Innovation Cluster.

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