vækst og strategi

Plan your business growth

In collaboration with The Danish Industry Foundation, we offer a solution focusing on innovation and competence development.

Get a systematic review of your business, a sharply defined growth ambition and an overall roadmap as a tool for your journey of growth.

Through a structured process we will review your company, and amongst other:

  • Identify challenges
  • Identify customer Needs
  • Feedback to break down barriers for growth

In this process we will include relevant experts from our ecosystem through a Sounding Board.

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And...The next step?


How do we do it?

We gather knowledge about your company based on your own data and external analyses.

  • How has your business developed?
  • Who are your customers?
  • How is your organization?
  • How is your businessmodel?
  • What threats and possibilities for growth is present?
  • Sounding Board meeting focused on growth ambition and direction

Which gives you:

An outside perspective focusing on your strengths, weaknesses, possibilities and threats – a clear growth ambition and an overall roadmap for growth.


What next?

How can this new perspective be an active part of the business plan and development of the company?

With your overall roadmap for growth, you are qualified to work on a cohesive plan for how to realize the growth.

This is the opportunity to continue the work and recieve a 360 degrees systematic competence development, where all aspects of the business are pressure tested, based on the previous defined overall roadmap and your growth ambition.

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